cMod is an unofficial Elite Force multiplayer client based on ioEF. It is optimized for modern systems and has various improvements over the original Elite Force client:

  • New filesystem which can handle much more than 500 pk3s at once and is resistant to shader/texture conflicts
  • New settings system which is resistant to unwanted changes caused by pk3s downloaded from servers and other glitches
  • Brightness level fixes and other graphical improvements
  • Support for maps that don't work in original EF due to 1024 shader limit
  • Faster downloads (ioEF cURL download support)
  • Improved crosshair selection and more built-in crosshairs
  • Fixed security vulnerabilities that could be exploited by malicious server downloads

This client is currently in development, so it might have bugs or not work on all systems. Please report issues or send feedback to

For more information about this project and fixes for some common problems, check the readme file.


Current Version: 1.25
Release Date: 2022/07/25

Windows 32-bit:
Windows 64-bit:


Extract the cMod zip into your EF directory. If you are updating from a previous version, you may need to confirm to overwrite existing files. If you are on Windows and don't know where your EF directory is located, try right-clicking on your EF icon and select the "Open file location" option.

Note for GoG users: If you installed Elite Force through Good Old Games, you may not need to copy cMod to your actual EF directory. Simply create an empty directory anywhere on your system, extract the cMod zip into it, and run the application from there. The core game data will be automatically loaded from the GoG installation.

You may want to create a shortcut to run cMod instead of your existing EF version. On Windows, right-click on the file ioEF-cMod.x86.exe or ioEF-cMod.x86_64.exe that you unzipped and select an option such as "Pin to Start" or "Create shortcut". You may need to move the shortcut to a location such as your deskop. If you use a server browser you will also need to update it to point to the new file. For Pathfinder refer to the instructions here.

Clean Install

If you don't already have Elite Force installed, or you want to avoid conflicts with your old configuration, create an empty directory anywhere on your computer and extract the cMod zip into it. Then create another directory named "baseEF" inside that one. You will need to locate the following files and copy them in the baseEF directory:

  • pak0.pk3: This file can be found on the original Elite Force CD. You can also find it in any existing EF install directory, or maybe on the internet if you know where to look.
  • pak1.pk3 and pak2.pk3: These files originally came from the v1.20 patch. You can download them from here: pak1.pk3 pak2.pk3
  • pak3.pk3: This file is from the Expansion Pack CD. If you don't have it, you can omit it and the game should (mostly) work without it.

That's it! Once the files are in place the game should be ready to run. You can also create shortcuts as described in the previous section.

Source Code

The cMod source code is available on GitHub.

Original ioEF

cMod is based on the ioEF project by Thilo Schulz. You can download the original ioEF builds and source code from the following links:

ioEF Binaries
ioEF Source Code