Pathfinder is an old but still functional Elite Force server browser for Windows.

Download master modified version (usually more reliable)

original version


Just download the file to any location and run it. You can copy the file to your EF direcory, but it's not required. The first time you click on a server you will be prompted to select the location of your EF application.

Change EF Location

Once you set the location of your EF application in Pathfinder there isn't a built in option to change it. Here are two methods you can use if you need to change the application location.

Method 1: Rename the application that Pathfinder currently points to (for example add an x to the filename). The next time you select a server in Pathfinder you should be prompted for a new location. Once this is set you can restore the name of the original file.

Method 2: Open the registry editor (Windows key + R and type regedit) and navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Pathfinder. You should see a key called STVOY on the right. Delete it and you should be prompted for a new location the next time you select a server in Pathfinder.