The following is a list of common errors in Elite Force along with potential solutions. Note that most of these issues can be avoided by running the cMod client available here. This guide is mainly for the benefit of people who are using a different client.

Brightness slider not working
Use cMod if possible. Some workarounds include temporarily increasing the gamma in your video driver settings, setting r_ignoreHWGamma to 1, and/or increasing r_mapOverbrightBits. However, these workarounds do not fix the normal r_gamma setting or produce graphically equivalent results.

Low framerate with ATI video cards
This can be caused by a missing GL_EXT_compiled_vertex_array entry in the GL extension string. Renaming the EF application to quake3.exe may solve the problem via a driver workaround.

Error: Couldn't reopen...
This is usually the result of having too many pk3s installed, especially when the combination of pk3s in baseEF and a mod directory referenced by the connected server exceeds limits. Refer here for instructions on how to remove excess pk3s.

Error: Hunk_Alloc failed
This is usually caused by maps that require a higher than default com_hunkmegs setting. To fix, set com_hunkmegs to 256 in the console and restart EF.

Error: DEFAULT MODEL (munro) failed to register
This is caused by maps that exceed the 1024 shader limit in the original EF client. It is especially common on converted Quake 3 maps because Quake 3 has a higher limit. To make these maps work you will need to use cMod or any other ioEF client. Note that maps that are borderline around the 1024 limit may exhibit issues other than an outright error, or have problems that occur only with a certain number of players on the server.

Error: S_FindName: empty name
This is caused by certain sound-related glitches. It is fixed in cMod and other newer ioEF clients.

Error: Z_Malloc: failed on allocation
This can happen on ioEF v1.37 on maps containing mp3 sound files longer than about 2 minutes used as a speaker. This bug is fixed in cMod and other newer ioEF clients.

This can happen if cl_maxpackets is set too low relative to com_maxfps and cl_packetdup. Try setting cl_maxpackets to 125, com_maxfps no higher than 333, and cl_packetdup no higher than 1.