I currently host the following Elite Force servers:

ServerAddress FounderMod Author
++Beer Garden++ Super FFA74.91.116.133:27961ShafeShafe
U.S.S. Excalibur74.91.116.133:27962Capt YoungToonloon
2 Disi & Reg74.91.116.226:27960
#NoCheat Elimination Arena109.123.123.165:27960
#NoCheat Pinball Unlagged109.123.123.165:27961Salinga
#NoCheat Low Grav CTF109.123.123.165:27962
#NoCheat Random Map Gladiator109.123.123.165:27963Salinga

If you have any questions or problems feel free to contact me at chomenor@gmail.com.


Cheating is not allowed on any of these servers, to keep the servers fair for people who do not cheat. Feel free to email me if you suspect somebody is using cheats.

Please don't camp excessively in Gladiator modes. It is fine to stay in the same spot for short periods (20-30 seconds) as long as you move between different spots around the map. Intentionally camping for long periods in a way that disrupts the game is not allowed.


To show vote calling options on any given server, open the console and type "/callvote". The criteria for passing votes is greater than 1/2 of all players voted yes to pass immediately, or greater than 2/3 of voting players voted yes to pass at the end of the countdown.

Weapon Buttons

You might have noticed that these servers use a different weapon button configuration than the EF default. The motivation for this is to map the most common attacks to the primary attack button, so you can bind your easiest to click button to primary attack and use it for most purposes.

If you prefer the old button configuration, type the command "/switchbuttons" in the console while connected to the server. You can also add the line "setu defaultbuttons 1" to your autoexec.cfg file to make the change automatic when you start EF.