These packs add new player models that can be viewed/played in the game.


Popular Models (148MB)

Additional Models (241MB)

Odd Shaped Models (24MB)


To install, extract the contents of the model pack zip into your BaseEF folder, which can be found in the EF install location.


Like all model add-ons, other players will need to have these models installed in order to see them. If you use a model that another player doesn't have they will see the default model instead.

The popular model pack contains some nude models. If you wish to exclude them, delete zzznudekirk.pk3 and efmdl-dangergirl.pk3 from the extracted files.

The odd shaped pack includes models that are unusually large or small, which may make opponents harder to hit because the appearance of the model doesn't align with the actual hitbox dimensions.

Model List

Due to game limitations, you may not be able to see all the models in the model selection menu. In this case you will need to manually set models in the console.

Model command format: /model <model>/<skin>
Example: /model munro/default

For a list of models that can be set in the console, click here. If you would like to see the model immediately when you set it, open the settings or player menu.

Missing Models

If you would like to have models added or updated in future model packs send me an email at